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Marketing & Communications Vendor Survey

Waterfront Park Concessions

Partner Form

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Friends of Waterfront Seattle. Complete and submit this application to let us know about your business or independent contractor profile. If we have opportunities that fit with your business, we will reach out to you. Thank you!
Friends of Waterfront Seattle (FWS or “Friends”), along with community partners, hosts a series of events at Pier 62.

Onboarding and scheduling for the 2023 programming season has concluded. While we do not have immediate opportunities available, we appreciate having your information on file so that we may reach out next spring about the 2024 programming season.

Please note that businesses may sell retail goods or food (conditions apply). Retail items that are likely to sell best will be those that cost $25 or less and are highly portable. Food concessionaires are encouraged to offer drinks as well as food.

The current list may not encompass all 2023 events with available spots for vendors. Selecting a date does not guarantee you a spot. But we will keep your information for other opportunities that may arise. Thank you!
Primary Contact Information 

Business Information

Permits and Licenses
As part of our equity and economic development initiatives, Friends of Waterfront Seattle is committed to supporting new businesses and entrepreneurs and does not want licensing and permitting to be a barrier. Please provide as much detail as you can about existing business licenses and required permits, and let us know if you'd like additional resources or assistance in obtaining any of the following.

Food vendors may be required to have a Seattle Fire Department LPG or Solid Fuel/Open Flame/Charcoal Permit.

Food concessionaires may be required to have a King County Health Department Temporary Food Service Permit. Additional info on food service permits:

Please describe one–three events at which you have had previous success. For each event, include the NAME of the event, the MONTH/YEAR, and a description.
Please describe three projects at which you have had previous success. For each project, include the NAME of the project, the MONTH/YEAR, and a description of the characteristics of the project that made it a good fit for your business:

Please upload a photo of your typical booth (or truck) setup.
Please upload photos, images, or videos of your relevant projects or portfolios

Technical Requirements
On Pier 62, FWS supports the vendors by providing staff to guide load-in and load-out, manage the vending calendar, and serve as host within the space. FWS Staff are also responsible for trouble-shooting and identifying ongoing issues with vendors or with the public in the space.

FWS provides:
  • Vending space
  • Canopy/Tent (based on the event, to be determined)
  • Restrooms
  • Up to 1 table per Retail Vendor
  • Trash/recycling
  • Vehicle access for load-in/load-out
  • Power (available at some vending locations & power needs are reviewed in advance)
FWS does not provide:
  • Extension cords
  • Parking
  • Tables for Food Vendors
  • Storage space
  • Reliable WiFi (we recommend having a data enabled device)
  • Hot water
We cannot support the use of generators at Waterfront Park but can assist with some technical services such as electricity.

Business Demographics
Demographic Information

Our goal is to continually cultivate inclusive spaces where all people — specifically Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) as well as underserved communities — are invited to contribute and be a part of programs, events, and Waterfront Park. We welcome any questions, concerns,or feedback regarding this form.

Note: Answering these questions is optional. All information provided will be kept confidential. This data will be used in aggregate form for reporting purposes only.